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The Team

Don Hamilton has built himself the perfect studio: from the space, to the hardware, and especially to his small but mighty full-time crew. We invite you to discover the magic of collaborative production with the Hamilton Studio Team.

Don Hamilton

Photographer, Cinematographer, DP

Renaissance man, noun: a person who has wide interests and is expert in several areas.


There are so many things that Don does well, it’s hard to define his strengths. But he is first and foremost a craftsman. His complete knowledge of the craft, and his artistry in the areas of photography/cinematography, is renowned. Don’s skill, imagination and attention to detail, gives each project, regardless of budget, professional polish.


Lorna St. John

Senior Producer

From your project estimate, through the shoot, and final delivery, Lorna will understand your project and help you see around corners. She runs the business side of the shop. Lorna is also a pivotal member of our small but mighty creative team. Stylist. Prop master. Make-up artist.

Emmy Citation recipient for her insightful documentary interviews.

She’s our Leslie Stahl.


TJ Fitzgerald


He is a seasoned producer, cinematographer, and editor originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. He brings over a decade of expertise in films, television, and engaging social content. 

Cutting his teeth as a freelance videographer, TJ learned the value of pre-production and has years under his belt in the ad-agency field. He can also mix a fantastic cocktail!

With a unique blend of professionalism and humor, TJ strives to weave captivating narratives into every project.


Hannah Sander

Senior Editor, Post Production Supervisor

Her unique story telling super-power separates Hannah’s work from the rest. Yes, she’s organized.  Yes, she’s technically advanced.  Those are things one can learn.


But Hannah’s gift is finding the gem; digging for the perfect spoken line or perfectly framed shot to sculpt the story and bring it to life.  That is an art.


Linny Dee

Editor, Studio Manager

Linny grew up here in Spokane. After going to school on the east coast for several years she came back west attend Evergreen State College where she studied film and theater.


Working for Hamilton Studio has allowed Linny to stretch her considerable editing skills and add new ones in production. She likes that every day is a new challenge.  And every day she rises to it.


Matt Vielle

Photographer, Cinematographer

For 26 years Matt has worked every department at the Hamilton Studio. He is a master photographer and cinematographer. He’s been on feature films and television series serving as grip, gaffer, and camera AC.


He’s a union stagehand and rigger. Matt’s solid in every position. You want him on your set.

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