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The Jefferson Golden Hour Clock


During the lockdown Don picked up a new hobby. Collecting and restoring Mid-Century Classic Jefferson Golden Hour Clocks.


Growing up in the 50s, he learned to tell time on one of these magnificent Art Deco sculptures. His mom used to delight guests by having them try to explain how “The Mystery Clock” works.

In their time they were a popular wedding or house warming gift.


If you can appreciate the design of a ’57 Chevy, you gotta love a Golden Hour.


It’s a 120 volt precision time piece. Don finds them on eBay and has restored dozens of them using a resource for factory original parts and some clever work arounds. He’s gifted them to family and friends.


But here’s the deal. Lorna says if Don wants to maintain his hobby, he needs to sell some.


So, here’s your big chance. If you’re interested, drop us a line, and Don will show you what’s on his “Used Clock Lot”.

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